There’s something about style

“If you have to ask you’ll never know” is a very cool line from a Red Hot Chili Peppers song and that sums up style to a large extent. You either have it or you don’t. And if you don’t know whether you do or not – you don’t.

So before you rush off and drown your sorrows the answer to this is to be comfortable with who you are and forge your own style path. Ultimately style is individual. Be an individual.

Rustic Fashion FTW

So one of the most important aspects to consider in fashion is being cool. THE coolest thing you can wear as a guy? that’s what. What if you’re a girl? You cannot go wrong with If such a thing is possible – almost as cool is and For the ladies with a taste for something slightly different check out


That’s all well and good but what about events? is the place you need to go for event preparation. Nothing screams fashion more than a well decorated event table – and I should know.


Don’t forget then to check out your gold bracelets for men, honesty bracelets, silk robes, crochet tops, cross necklaces for women and burlap table runners. You’ll be glad you did as you find yourself invited to more a-list parties than you can physically attend.